11 Reasons To Love A Residential Epoxy Floor




There are several reasons to love a new epoxy floor, especially now that we live in the New Normal.

1. A residential epoxy floor provides extra health and safety benefits. An epoxy floor coating can satisfy all industry requirements set by the USDA FDACFIA, and OSHA, so you know it will help you get the safest floor for your residential needs. Plus, you don’t have to worry about cut-off waste from tile or roll goods and their harm to the environment, and epoxy liquid flooring components contain zero VOC and no heavy metals.

2. Increase the value of your home. Once cured, epoxy flooring produces polymer structures that give it tremendous strength and lasting durability. Overall, there are many advantages of an epoxy floor over traditional floor coatings. A new epoxy floor will maintain its original design and high safety standards for many years, which will increase the quality, look, and investment in your home.

3. You can be creative as you want with your epoxy floor design. You have an endless combination of decorative chips and colored sands to achieve an infinite array of color schemes or patterns. Your basement or garage floor will not be dull anymore!

4. A professionally installed epoxy floor is incredibly durable. Epoxy floor coatings are much more challenging to install than home DIY kits and require a professional coatings installer with experience in the industry. During the application process, the epoxy cures for a minimum of 24 hours. Once cured, epoxy flooring produces polymer structures that give it tremendous strength and resistance to spills and abrasion.

5. Spend LESS time cleaning your floor. An epoxy floor is seamless and durable, which naturally makes it more hygienic and quicker to clean. It’s resistance to just about anything dramatically reduces your time to maintain it, so you can spend more time not cleaning while still keeping your floor looking its best.  

6. Brighten up your interior. A shiny, high-gloss epoxy floor can significantly increase an interior’s brightness, making it a favorite flooring solution in a basement. Many home and business owners notice a decrease in their energy bills due to having a light-reflecting flooring surface.

7. Customize your floor texture. You can make your epoxy floor non-slip and pet-friendly with surface additives that provide more grip. Anti-slip, hygienic, and easy-to-clean epoxy floors are a favorite of veterinary clinics, animal hospitals, and pet shelters. 

8. Save on new floor expenses. The per square foot cost of epoxy floors is tough to beat. Since it is installed directly over concrete and other flooring types, the installation costs are quite a bit lower than alternatives. A professionally installed epoxy floor is incredibly durable and long-lasting as well, which saves you replacement costs.

9. A professional epoxy floor is carefully installed for a high-quality result. Before applying an epoxy floor coating, flooring specialists patch and repair all major cracks and chips in the existing concrete surface and remove all grease. For example, if the concrete is old, we test the surface for previous epoxy layers or other products applied over the years. An epoxy flooring installation requires precision and patience, and flooring experts will make sure the temperature, humidity, and application are ideal for excellent flooring. 

10. An epoxy floor is custom made and installed for you. Solutions are versatile and unique. An epoxy floor expert will take the time to discuss your requirements in detail and then explain the benefits and drawbacks of multiple products and manufacturers. 

11. Receive high-level service. Knowledegable epoxy floor specialists control the process and provide a superior installation on every project. A successful project will use flooring experts that work with industry-leading products, have technical expertise, and substantial experience to produce a custom flooring solution that endures.

An epoxy floor is odorless and wear-resistant while meeting the highest safety standards. Contact an ArmourFlo specialist for the next steps.