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ArmourFlo Flooring in Columbus specializes in residentialindustrial, and commercial concrete coating floor solutions that are seamless, odorless, exceptionally hygienic, low-maintenance, and long-lasting. ArmourFlo specialists provide a custom floor system for your needs. You get an endless combination of color schemes, patterns, slip-resistant textures, durability, light-reflectivity, and pet-friendliness. Floor installation services by ArmourFlo in Columbus include residential epoxy flooringgarage epoxy floors, metallic epoxy floors, polished concrete floors, decorative floors, urethane flooring, and methyl methacrylate floors using advanced floor coatings, equipment, and techniques.

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Best Flooring for Durability & Safety

Concrete epoxy and other concrete floor coatings can chip or crack without correct professional installation. Truly long-lasting epoxy floor coatings are significantly more challenging to install than home DIY kits and require a professional coatings installer with experience in the industry. We properly prepare the concrete surface, which means testing it for previous applications, sanding the surface with equipment such as a CPS machine with 25 grit metal diamonds, filling all joints and cracks, and cleaning it to ensure optimum adherence of coatings to the concrete surface, even application, and long-lasting performance. During the application process, the epoxy cures for a minimum of 24 hours. Once cured, epoxy flooring produces polymer structures that give it tremendous strength and resistance to spills and abrasion. The result is a seamless, exceptionally hygienic, easy-to-clean, and odorless floor that is incredibly wear-resistant while meeting the highest safety standards.

Our “New Normal” requires a heightened awareness of health and safety, and epoxy, along with other types of concrete coatings, can meet or exceed the highest inspection standards set by the FDAUSDA, and OSHA. Your ArmourFlo floor will be durable, safe, easy-to-clean, cost-efficient and energy saving.

Request a free quote below on your floor project, and for more information about our proprietary floor coatings, download Armour-Coat and Armour-Thane data sheets for detailed product specifications.


Advantages of a concrete floor coating installed by ArmourFlo:

  • You can save up to $1,500.
  • Your seamless floor will exceed health and safety standards set by the USDA and FDA.
  • You get long-lasting durability with ArmourFlo proprietary floor coatings.
  • Your floor will be easy-to-clean, scratch resistant and brighten your interior space.
  • ArmourFlo certified specialists use advanced equipment that produce superior results.
  • Our certified flooring experts provide quality, accountability, and safety.
  • You can be assured we will complete the installation correctly as many homeowners and businesses already trust ArmourFlo, including Churchill Downs, Maker’s Mark Distillery, Norton Healthcare and the University of Kentucky.


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