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Flooring in Louisville, KY

When we look up residential flooring in Louisville, KY, we often find epoxy flooring and other concrete coating variations are not listed. Why is this? Our “New Normal” requires a heightened awareness of health and safety, and epoxy, along with other types of concrete coatings, can meet or exceed the highest inspection standards set by the FDA, USDA, and OSHA. By installing epoxy flooring or other concrete coatings, you immediately increase your household’s health and wellness and have an exceptionally hygienic and durable floor that is easy to keep clean. Read More...

How To Choose A Garage Epoxy Floor Installer

We have mentioned this before, but the right installer will offer a high level of service. Knowledgeable epoxy floor specialists control the process and provide a superior installation on every project. An epoxy floor expert will take the time to discuss your requirements in detail and then explain the benefits and drawbacks of multiple products and manufacturers. A successful project will use flooring experts that work with industry-leading products, have technical expertise, and have substantial knowledge in all of the required steps to produce a custom flooring solution that endures. An installation company should have experience with all types of epoxy floor projects and be prepared to apply the latest industry information and machinery while also being ready at a moment’s notice. Finally, they should be tidy, clean up properly, and protect non-floor areas. Read More...

11 Reasons To Love A Residential Epoxy Floor

A residential epoxy floor provides extra health and safety benefits. An epoxy floor coating can satisfy all industry requirements set by the USDA, FDA, CFIA, and OSHA, so you know it will help you get the safest floor for your residential needs. Plus, you don’t have to worry about cut-off waste from tile or roll goods and their harm to the environment, and epoxy liquid flooring components contain zero VOC and no heavy metals. Read More...

10 Tips To Get The Best Commercial Kitchen Floor

Commercial kitchen flooring takes on daily punishment from heat, grease, and constant washing with high-temperature water and chemicals. When hot oils spill or metal pots and pans hit the floor, they weaken the flooring surface and create chips or cracks where bacteria can live and breed, especially in weak quarry tile with old moldy grout lines. You will need a flooring surface that is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, non-porous, and seamless to prevent leaks and eliminate standing water. Our ten tips guide you to the best flooring solution so that your new floor becomes a state of the art surface for health and safety. Read More...

Industrial Flooring Guide

Due to industrial flooring requirements, it’s essential to use certified and experienced industrial floor installers with technical expertise, and who work with the best products the industry has to offer. Industrial flooring specialists are craftsmen, and they use state-of-the-art equipment and floor tooling to exceed the highest standards. They should be certified with multiple manufacturers of premium products and knowledge to create and install long-lasting custom floors that come with a warranty. Solutions can be as versatile and unique as your production facility, equipment, processes, and outputs. Industrial floors provide compressive strength, chemical resistance, and a wide range of thermal shock protection capabilities that meet USDA, FDA, CFIA, and OSHA standards. Your industrial floor expert must take the time to discuss your requirements in detail and then explain the benefits and drawbacks of multiple products and manufacturers. Look for these performance qualities in industrial floor coatings: Read More...