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Floor Decor In A Stylish, Long-Lasting Look 

ArmourFlo floor installers work with you to create decorative flooring that is customized to your aesthetic style and performance requirements. This unique twist on traditional concrete flooring allows for eye-catching designs, colors and textures to be added to the concrete floor surface. From new homes that need an attractive and durable concrete driveway, to a business entryway remodeled for a contemporary look, ArmourFlo flooring specialists will craft a non-slip, weather-resistant, uniquely designed floor that satisfies your maintenance needs, adds property value, and gives your residential or commercial space extra style.

Faux Concrete Finish

A faux finish on an indoor concrete floor allows you to completely change its appearance, emulating the look of marble, metallic iridescence, slate, flagstone or even wood. Your floor finish is only limited by your imagination, and ArmourFlo concrete coating specialists work with you to bring your vision to life. Our installers have the aesthetic expertise to transform your concrete into impressive and memorable floor decor. Rest assured that our professional, industry-leading products keep your floor beautiful, long-lasting, easy to clean, and exceptionally hygienic.

Decorative Concrete Engraving

ArmourFlo concrete engraving upgrades existing (cured) concrete by cutting patterns and texture into the concrete surface. Engraved designs and patterns provide unique and impressive graphic elements. Geometric patterns with straight, circular or serpentine lines and custom designs are cut directly into the surface of the concrete. Decorative concrete engraving adds depth and dimension plus it is commonly used as a color separation technique.

Stained Concrete Floors

An ArmourFlo flooring expert can present ideas for coloring with stains, which are a popular choice of floor finishes in residential new construction and renovation. There are a wide variety of finishes that can be achieved with concrete stains and dyes while preserving the beautiful natural markings of concrete. Stains can be applied to unpolished slabs for a low-cost natural look, or combined with polishing for a luxury high-gloss residential or commercial finish.

Sealed Concrete Floors

Sealed concrete floors mimic the appearance of polished concrete floors at a lower price. They don’t offer the same scratch resistance and long service life of polished concrete, but they require lower maintenance than many other concrete floor solutions. Sealed concrete floors offer the highest stain resistance available of any concrete finish, which makes them well suited for living areas with high pet traffic. They’re also commonly installed in outdoor living areas. Sealed concrete floors require less preparation and labor than polished concrete floors, meaning the installation is faster and less expensive than polishing.

Trusted Floor Installers

ArmourFlo professional floor installers create custom coatings for Kentucky homeowners, business owners, contractors, and builders. Our proprietary coatings and custom services include Polished Concrete, Stained Concrete, Metallic Epoxy, Epoxy Flooring, Surface Prep and Restoration, Concrete Resurfacing, Grind and Seal Floors, and more. 

How Much Does A Decorative Floor Cost?

Your decorative flooring cost depends mostly on the type of concrete coating, location and size of your floor, along with your current floor condition to determine the repair amount. Know your decorative floor cost by completing the form below. 

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