How To Choose A Garage Epoxy Floor Installer




Learn how to choose a garage epoxy floor installer by following our guidelines below.

  1. What are the epoxy flooring services offered?
  2. Are they licensed and insured?
  3. Do they offer custom, epoxy garage floor designs?
  4. What is their flooring warranty?
  5. What are their costs vs. competitors?
  6. What brands of materials do they use?
  7. How long have they been in business?
  8. Ask for references and check their reputation online.

What are the epoxy flooring services offered?

Choose a garage epoxy floor installer that offers a high level of service. Knowledgeable epoxy floor specialists control the process and provide a superior installation on every project. An epoxy floor expert will take the time to discuss your requirements in detail and then explain the benefits and drawbacks of multiple products and manufacturers. A successful project will use flooring experts that work with industry-leading products, have technical expertise, and have substantial knowledge in all of the required steps to produce a custom flooring solution that endures. An installation company should have experience with all types of epoxy floor projects and be prepared to apply the latest industry information and machinery while also being ready at a moment’s notice. Finally, they should be tidy, clean up properly, and protect non-floor areas.

Are they a licensed and insured garage epoxy floor installer?

During your first conversation with an epoxy floor installer, ask them about their licensing and insurance coverage. Most states require a contractor license for concrete floor coatings. Once they confirm with you their license and number, check that it’s valid for your state on the internet. If they don’t provide a license, don’t talk with them again.

Also, notify them in advance that you would like to see a copy of their documentation upon visiting your home.

Responsible contractors with great reputations will be bonded as well as insured for liability and worker’s compensation. Liability insurance will cover any damages that may be caused to your property by the contractor. A bond will protect you if the contractor fails to complete the job after payment or doesn’t meet a particular financial obligation for materials or labor that may come back to you in the form of a lien.

A quick call to their insurance company and Surety Company for the bond can verify insured and bonded amounts, and their status is current.

Do they offer custom, epoxy garage floor designs?

The best garage floor epoxy installers have all of the creative tools and materials to create any floor design type that you can imagine. You have an endless combination of decorative chips and colored sands to achieve an infinite array of color schemes or patterns. Also, you can make your epoxy floor non-slip and pet-friendly with surface additives that provide more grip. Ask to view their portfolio of projects to see their technical and design expertise. A qualified installer will have many projects that display a broad scope of creative work and be confident they can bring your ideas to life.

What is their flooring warranty?

An epoxy flooring specialist will provide a written contract and warranty their work. A contract should state important information such as the brand and type of materials, the coating system to be installed, delivery of services for any surprise issues, duration of work, meeting industry requirements (if necessary), and payment details.

As with all contracts, read the small print carefully, particularly for warranties. Be sure the warranty is documented in the agreement if anything goes wrong on the project.

What are their costs vs. competitors?

When evaluating costs for your garage floor, use the industry standard for size and type of flooring. Charges are based on square feet. Many installers will race to the bottom on price, claim to be the cheapest and often produce a poor result. If your garage floor requires extra surface preparation or foundation repair before installation, you can expect higher costs. A reputable installer will be honest with you about these costs because they know this type of work is essential for a long-lasting floor. We suggest comparing the quality of the work between installers first and then looking at the price to find the best value. Our guidelines in this post will help you find the top choices in your market.

What brands of materials do they use?

The leading epoxy flooring companies often have their proprietary materials for quality control. Ask to see their product data-sheet. This technical sheet will provide information such as features and benefits, limitations, coverage rate, and much more. Collect sheets from installers, and you will get a good idea of the leaders in the market.

How long have they been in business?

Trustworthy businesses tend to stick around. Ask how long they have been in business and notable projects they have completed. We also suggest inquiring about how they got started. Review their local listings to get an understanding of their local presence and clientele. More often than not, the best floor installers have been around for years with a customer list built by word of mouth.

Ask for references and check their reputation online.

The easiest way to understand their customer service level is to check their LinkedIn and other social media profiles. Look at the articles they may share, the projects they post, and their followers’ feedback. Their past happy customers tend to comment and share project photos, which is what you want. Ask for references and also message followers and reviewers on social media about their experience with the company. Google Reviews are an excellent source for feedback as well.

Now that you have made it to the end of our guide, we hope you feel equipped to find the right garage floor epoxy installers for your garage. An epoxy floor, when installed professionally, has tremendous strength and lasting durability.

A new floor will maintain its original design and high safety standards for many years, which will increase the quality, look, and investment in your home. It is also odorless and wear-resistant while meeting the highest safety standards, and it’s co-designed by you!