At ArmourFlo, we take pride in the ability to provide you with antimicrobial flooring that is FDA approved so your facility can maintain a sterile atmosphere that allows you to conduct your business. Our private-labeled products have high compressive strength, are chemical-resistant and meet USDA, FDA, CFIA and OSHA standards, giving you confidence in our products and peace of mind when it comes to your flooring system. Our sanitary cove base features a 45º CANT or a custom radius, custom slope to drain, vertical wall systems and ArmourCrete urethane flooring cement. When it comes to providing a pharmaceutical or biomedical flooring solution, we’re the experts in floor customization.

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Clean Room Flooring

Pharmaceutical and biomedical clean rooms require careful attention to detail during construction and maintenance of clean room flooring to help ensure your business is able to produce the highest quality products. Featuring virtually odorless and dustless applications, substrate preparation, industrial HEPA filter vacuums, seamless floors and vertical wall and ceiling systems, ArmourFlo’s clean room flooring application process is always evolving in order to ensure that perfection is obtained with your hand-crafted clean room flooring solution. Our installation team brings experience in epoxy flooring and food-grade concrete sealer and a genuine interest in doing your flooring job right every time.