Increase Your Home Value With ArmourFlo Residential Flooring

Superior Epoxy Floor Contractor

ArmourFlo is a top-tier epoxy floor contractor headquartered in Louisville, KY and our specialists provide technically advanced residential flooring installations instead of floor paint. If you’re like many of our customers, you want peace of mind knowing that your floors are installed by certified professionals and protected using the best available flooring equipment and coatings. We use industry-leading floor coating products unavailable at retail stores.

Decorative surface coatings such as epoxy flooring and polished concrete offer tremendous advantages compared to conventional floor coverings such as carpet, tile, and hardwood flooring. Our residential floor coatings are durable enough to withstand vehicular traffic, will not stain or gather bacteria like tile grout or carpet, and do not easily scratch like hardwood. Choose from unlimited floor patterns, textures, colors, designs and more for your garage, basement, and other living areas.

Professional Residential Flooring Installation

ArmourFlo flooring specialists provide the highest level floor installation services and expertise. We are a flooring contractor that proudly works closely with our customers to ensure they receive the floor they want and that it lasts a lifetime. Our certified floor installers use industry-leading concrete coatings, and our floors come with a lifetime guarantee. ArmourFlo experts work with you to answer all of your questions, minimize installation downtime, and leave your new floor area looking clean and beautiful. 

Residential Custom Flooring

An excellent way to have flooring that creates a memorable impression and draw attention to a space is to have ArmourFlo specialists install custom-designed metallic epoxy flooring. Metallic epoxy flooring is the ultimate decorative flooring, and it is a unique combination of different light-reflective aggregate blends swirled together during application. Aggregate powder blends consist of nanoparticles that have been coated with organic or inorganic pigments to produce an iridescent appearance and one-of-a-kind appearance.

Metallic epoxy flooring provides a pearlescent, seamless, and glass-like finish and can contain any color combination to complement your interior design. It is excellent for hiding concrete blemishes, can be installed to be slip-resistant, and includes industrial-grade protection, making it one of the most resilient cosmetic epoxy concrete flooring options on the market. Metallic epoxy floors are growing in popularity, and their distinctive, one-of-a-kind designs will last a lifetime if installed correctly by experienced flooring experts. 

Due to its complexity, a metallic epoxy floor installation requires a creative flooring specialist to turn your dream floor into a reality. An ArmourFlo epoxy flooring specialist will work with you in advance to plan the project details to minimize disruption to your daily routine. Metallic epoxy flooring is a popular decorative option within residential spaces, showrooms, retail establishments, and lobbies in commercial and institutional enterprises.

A metallic epoxy floor is the most labor-intensive epoxy floor and requires a high level of technical experience to achieve the right aesthetic look. It is the most time-consuming due to its hand-crafted result and the most expensive per square foot. An average range of cost per square foot will fall between $8-$12 for a metallic epoxy floor. You can read more about metallic epoxy flooring here.

Residential Epoxy Garage Floors  

Another popular flooring choice among our customers is an epoxy garage floor coating, which offers superior, long-lasting beauty and easy maintenance for decades. Easily cleaned epoxy garage flooring prevents dirt being tracked into your home and increases safety with slip-resistance. As a specialized epoxy floor contractor, ArmourFlo regularly completes epoxy garage floor installations in one day.

Flake, solid, or metallic garage epoxy flooring upgrades the aesthetic look and value of your home. ArmourFlo specialists use proprietary materials for quality control. Our technical sheets provide information such as features and benefits, limitations, coverage rate, and much more. Contact us for more information.

How Much Does It Cost To Epoxy Your Residential Concrete Floor?

Your residential epoxy flooring cost depends mostly on the type of epoxy coating, location and size of your floor, along with your current floor condition to determine the repair amount. Know your epoxy floor cost by completing the form below. 


Flake Epoxy Floor Layers



Solid Color Epoxy Floor Layers


Decorative Metallic Epoxy Floor Layers


Advantages of ArmourFlo Residential Flooring:

  • Surfaces for interior or exterior applications
  • Engineered for heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic
  • Withstands extreme weather and de-icing salts
  • Stain and chemical resistant
  • Fully customizable, endless pattern and color options
  • Variable levels of slip resistance

Our expertise, reputation, industry-leading products, and advanced equipment allow us to install flooring solutions that are customized to your needs. There are many advantages to a residential epoxy floor, and we offer the best garage epoxy  and decorative floor coatings. We work with decorative chip flooring, metallic coatings, quartz, polished concrete flooring, stained concrete flooring and limitless flooring color options. ArmourFlo creates a custom solution to fit your home’s distinct palette. With ArmourFlo, the possibilities for your home are endless.

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