When we work with schools and universities, we keep speed of installation and curation of our antimicrobial flooring top of mind. In addition to the high quality, antimicrobial and easy-to-maintain nature of our completed epoxy flooring and urethane floor installations, we work in collaboration with you to customize the color, pattern and design of your decorative epoxy floor coating or decorative concrete floors. These choices allow you to complement or mirror your school colors and add another layer of school pride. Our floors are also designed to withstand decades of heavy foot traffic.

In cases where time is of the essence and speed of your epoxy flooring installation and curing time is the primary focus, we can make a recommendation from a wide range of methyl methacrylate systems (MMA). Our specialized antimicrobial flooring solutions stand up to even the most rigorous of requirements and standards, allowing you to focus on what is important – the education of the next generation.

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