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We often find epoxy flooring and other concrete coating variations are not listed as residential flooring types in Louisville, KY. Why is this? Our “New Normal” requires a heightened awareness of health and safety, and epoxy, along with other types of concrete coatings, can meet or exceed the highest inspection standards set by the FDAUSDA, and OSHA. By installing epoxy flooring or other concrete coatings, you immediately increase your household’s health and wellness and have an exceptionally hygienic and durable floor that is easy to keep clean.

Outstanding Variety for Flooring and Decor

When people consider flooring in Louisville, KY, there is a common misunderstanding about epoxy flooring and concrete coatings having a limited variety of styles. An epoxy floor is incredibly versatile, customized, and professionally installed according to your needs. You have an endless combination of decorative powders, sheen, chips, and colored sands to achieve an infinite array of color schemes, patterns, slip-resistant textures, light-reflectivity, and pet-friendliness.

For example, a metallic epoxy floor system is a unique combination of different epoxy colors swirled together during application and sprayed with alcohol to give your floor a unique, shiny, 3D look. We create this decorative floor look by using pearlescent, light-reflective aggregate blends, which consist of nanoparticles that have been coated with organic or inorganic pigments to produce an iridescent appearance. We work with you one on one to develop the design, and we guarantee your floor will not be dull anymore!

Best Flooring Material for Durability

Epoxy and other concrete floor coatings can chip or crack without correct professional installation. Truly long-lasting epoxy floor coatings are significantly more challenging to install than home DIY kits and require a professional coatings installer with experience in the industry. We properly prepare the concrete surface, which means testing it for previous applications, sanding the surface with equipment such as a CPS machine with 25 grit metal diamonds, filling all joints and cracks, and cleaning it to ensure optimum adherence of coatings to the concrete surface, even application, and long-lasting performance. During the application process, the epoxy cures for a minimum of 24 hours. Once cured, epoxy flooring produces polymer structures that give it tremendous strength and resistance to spills and abrasion. The result is a seamless, exceptionally hygienic, easy-to-clean, and odorless floor that is incredibly wear-resistant while meeting the highest safety standards.

Flooring Trends in 2021

It makes sense that concrete floors are one of the top flooring trends in 2021. We have a heightened awareness to fight viruses and bacteria, and concrete coatings provide an easy-to-clean surface and an excellent option to create a more hygienic household. According to the popular blog, Apartment Therapy, “Consider 2021 concrete’s long-awaited reckoning. Thanks to nuanced applications, upgraded materials, and adventurous designers, concrete flooring is something you may actually be considering adding to your home six months from now.”

Apartment Therapy doesn’t stop there. It quotes Designer Max Humphrey, author of the forthcoming book “Modern Americana,” who thinks so, too. “Since the start of the pandemic, I’ve gotten weekly emails from potential clients that want to remodel their basement to be a more usable space like a home office,” explains Humphrey. “Many basements already have concrete flooring and instead of spending the money to add wood floors, tile, or carpet, I’ve leaned into the material and had it cleaned up and polished.

In-Home Consultation Vs. Visiting Flooring Stores in Louisville 

An ArmourFlo flooring specialist can meet with you one on one over a video call or in-person to discuss your design vision and flooring needs. We take the time to discuss your requirements in detail and then explain the benefits and drawbacks of multiple products and manufacturers. Our knowledgeable floor specialists control the process and provide a superior installation on every project. We assure you that our floor experts work with industry-leading products, have technical expertise, and substantial experience to produce a custom flooring solution that endures.

The Higher Cost of Discount Flooring in Louisville, KY

We have had many customers who first used an installer because they were cheaper or went the DIY method, only to be disappointed in the result. In general, the per square foot cost of correct and professional installation of an epoxy floor or other concrete floor coating is tough to beat. Since it is installed directly over concrete, the installation costs are quite a bit lower than alternatives. Prices vary according to the area, type, and complexity of the floor coating project. Once installed, it will be incredibly durable and long-lasting, which saves you replacement costs long-term.

Flooring Installation Time

An epoxy floor installation or other concrete coating installation lasts from one day to two weeks and depends on the project’s complexity. For example, decorative floor designs, such as a metallic finish, are applied by hand and have a longer completion time. Our flooring specialist will work with you in advance to plan the project details to minimize disruption to your daily routine.

Best Flooring Installers

ArmourFlo floor installers offer the highest level of service. We have knowledgeable epoxy floor and concrete coating specialists with substantial expertise in all of the required steps to produce a custom flooring solution for you. We have experience with all types of epoxy floor and concrete coating projects. We are trained to apply the latest industry information, use advanced machinery, and be available at a moment’s notice. You can be assured we maintain a tidy work area, clean up properly, and protect your non-floor areas.

Your Louisville Flooring Company for Epoxy and Concrete Coatings

A new residential floor co-designed by you and installed by ArmourFlo will maintain its original design and high safety standards for many years, which will increase the quality, look, and investment in your home.