Winston-Salem Concrete Floor Coatings

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Winston-Salem Concrete Floor Coatings for Long-Term Safety and Savings

An ArmourFlo floor coating installation will save you time and money in the long run. ArmourFlo offers Winston-Salem floor coatings that are high-quality, high-performance, and that can be installed in a broad range of designs to enhance your original flooring surface. Our heavy-duty floor coatings provide a beautiful look, and increase the durability, resiliency and strength of your traditional flooring. Our base-coating allows you to create decorative designs that are safe, hygienic, resilient, stain and skid-resistant, and low-maintenance.

We have had many customers who first used an installer because they were cheaper or went the DIY method, only to be disappointed in the result. In general, the per square foot cost of correct and professional installation of an epoxy floor or other concrete floor coating is tough to beat versus other high quality tile or hardwood flooring. Since it is installed directly over concrete, the installation costs are quite a bit lower than alternatives. Prices vary according to the area, type, and complexity of the floor coating project. Once installed, it will be incredibly durable and stay looking fantastic, which saves you replacement costs in the future.

Winston-Salem Floor Coating Installation

An epoxy floor installation or other concrete coating installation lasts from one day to two weeks and depends on the project’s complexity. For example, decorative floor designs, such as a metallic finish, are applied by hand and have a longer completion time. Many ArmourFlo floor coatings installations last 2-4 days. An ArmourFlo flooring specialist will work with you in advance to plan the project details to minimize disruption to your daily routine.

Winston-Salem ArmourFlo Flooring Installers

ArmourFlo’s Winston-Salem floor coatings installers offer the highest level of service. We have certified, knowledgeable epoxy floor and concrete coating specialists with substantial expertise in all of the required steps to produce a custom flooring solution for you. We are trained to apply the latest industry information, use advanced machinery, and be available at a moment’s notice. You can be assured we maintain a tidy work area, clean up properly, and protect your non-floor areas.

A Floor Coating for Extra Health and Safety Benefits in Winston-Salem 

An epoxy floor coating can satisfy all industry requirements set by the USDA FDACFIA, and OSHA, so you know it will help you get the safest floor for your residential or commercial needs. Plus, you don’t have to worry about cut-off waste from tile or roll goods and their harm to the environment, and epoxy liquid flooring components contain zero VOC and no heavy metals.

ArmourFlo Floor Coatings Increase the Value of Properties in Winston-Salem

Once cured, epoxy flooring produces polymer structures that give it tremendous strength and lasting durability. Overall, there are many advantages of an epoxy floor over traditional floor coatings. A new epoxy floor will maintain its original design and high safety standards for many years, which will increase the quality, look, and investment in your home or business.

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