How to Best Maintain Your Epoxy Garage Floor




Sweep Your Epoxy Floor

You can easily sweep any debris or dirt up on a daily basis to maintain your epoxy garage floor. Epoxy garage flooring is seamless, so it doesn’t trap dirt like tile with grout. Microfiber or regular dust mops work efficiently for small particles, while a broom with a soft bristle works well for larger dirt particles, sand, or wood shavings. Effortless daily sweeping will keep your epoxy garage floor looking fabulous.

Show Your Epoxy Floor’s Shine

Epoxy garage flooring has excellent reflective qualities. When dust and dirt accrues on the surface, the floor’s reflection can dull. Add 1/3 mild soap in a bucket of water and mop the entire floor to bring your epoxy floor’s shine back. Remember to mop and dry as sitting soapy water can create a hazy film.

Remove Any Epoxy Floor Stains Immediately

Removing noticable and stubborn stains immediately with a mixture of ammonia and water (4 to 5 ounces per gallon of water). Stains left unattended can deteriorate your floor’s coating, depending on the acidity and harshness of what caused the stain.

Minor Spills On Epoxy Flooring Are Easy To Clean

One of the most redeeming qualities of epoxy flooring is its resiliency, and minor spills are very easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe a spill away like you’re in a paper towel commercial. Of course, use a clean paper towel or cloth. If the spill will cause you to use an entire roll, then use the same method as you would for stain removals. 

Get Rid Of Chemical Spills ASAP

Custom epoxy garage floor coatings are resistant to chemicals and spills, but chemicals can still be hazardous to your floor and health if left unattended. You can best maintain your epoxy garage floor by cleaning up harsh chemicals or solvents promptly to avoid lengthy contact with your floor’s coating and reduce any exposure to inhalation or skin. After all, epoxy floors have superior hygienic benefits, and quickly cleaning your floor maintains its durability and antimicrobial benefits.

Use Appropriate Epoxy Garage Floor Cleaners

Floor cleaners significantly affect how well your epoxy floor will last and retain its shine. Let’s review the dos and don’ts when purchasing and using epoxy floor cleaning products. 

The Dos When Cleaning Epoxy Floors

  1. Microfiber cloths do an excellent job for frequent cleaning, and so do microfiber mops. Microfiber mops are a fantastic cleaning tool for epoxy floors. These mops allow you to reduce your cleaning time while not sacrificing your cleaning quality. Also, microfiber mop technology reduces chemical and water use while eliminating any wringing which occurs with standard, heavy mops.
  2. The best cleaning solution that works for epoxy garage floor coating is ammonia. Use ½ cup per gallon of water and apply using a microfiber mop. Remember to rinse it frequently between cleans to prevent the transfer of debris. You can also use Windex glass cleaner.
  3. If you have a cleaning disaster on your hands, try deep cleaners like Simple Green that will clear away grease and other similar chemicals.

The Don’ts When Cleaning Epoxy Floors

  1. Avoid using an acid-based cleaner like citrus, vinegar, etc., as it can take away the shine of the epoxy floor.
  2. Avoid using any cleaning products that contain micro-abrasives such as Barkeeper’s Friend because they can quickly ruin the epoxy surface. 
  3. You can use pads and mats wherever appropriate to reduce the pressure on the epoxy floor coating if your floor is not customized for additional high impact and heavy load resilience. Despite being a sturdy material doing little things like this can help it last longer.

Our customers love their epoxy garage floor coatings as they provide easy cleaning and maintenance. By quickly dealing with spills and regularly dusting and mopping, you will effectively maintain your epoxy garage floor, and your floor will last decades. Prevent dirt, grime, and germs with simple, daily cleaning, and your floor will stay bright, hygienic, and eye-catching.  

ArmourFlo can complete epoxy floor installations in one day, with foot traffic allowable after 24 hours and vehicle traffic 5-8 days later. Choose from unlimited floor patterns, textures, colors, designs and more for your commercial or living areas.

How Much Does An Epoxy Floor Cost?

The cost of an epoxy floor depends mostly on the location and size of your floor, along with your current floor condition and type of floor coating. Know your cost by completing the form below. 

Reasons for Polishing Concrete




Here are the latest polished concrete trends as polished concrete floors increase in number among modern homeowners. Concrete polishing is perfect for an affordable, fashionable, eco-friendly, easy-to-maintain, and long-lasting floor solution. In addition, customized grinding, coloring, sealing, and polishing can complement your interior design.

Polished Concrete’s Natural Elegance

Natural yet sophisticated and with low environmental impact, polished concrete continues as a trend for residential and commercial interiors. While concrete has always been an attractive material to work with due to its durability and style versatility, people have started to incorporate polished concrete floors into their rooms as a long-lasting design solution. In addition, polished concrete floors are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) friendly and facilitate sustainable building construction without the emission of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Dyed Polished Concrete

ArmourFlo custom concrete polishing can include dying your concrete. Dyes are a relatively popular option because of their safe and easy application while maintaining the beautiful surface appearance of concrete. You can easily choose the color dye option, or ArmourFlo professional installers can mix dyes to create a marbled or mottled look.

Two common types of dyes include water-based and solvent-based. Water-based dyes create a marbling technique similar to a chemical stain. Solvent-based colorants use a solvent like alcohol or acetone to create a more monotone or opaque aesthetic. ArmourFlo flooring experts can help you create different aesthetic effects, from opaque to translucent. 

It’s important to note that these dyes are not UV-resistant, and exposure to sunlight will affect the color.

Stained Polished Concrete

Stained polished concrete differs from dyeing because dyed polished concrete uses a solvent mixed with alcohol or acetone. Instead, stained polished concrete typically contains hydrochloric acid, metallic salts, and water and reacts chemically with the calcium hydroxide in the concrete to change its color.

Concrete stains etch the surface of the concrete instead of penetrating it, resulting in a mottled, assorted finish. The color is typically very different once it is actually in the concrete. For example, a stain may look dark blue in the container but takes on a bit of a different color when it reacts with the concrete. The final color may not be apparent until the stain has interacted with the concrete for several hours.

Stenciled Polished Concrete

Polished concrete has a smooth surface texture, allowing for intricate stenciling. ArmourFlo specialists can apply custom logos or marketing messages, which produce eye-catching effects. In the end, the concrete’s natural character combines with the stencil to make a truly unique result.

Polished Concrete Supporting Environmental Sustainability

Polished concrete flooring eliminates extra waste produced by carpeting, laminate, linoleum, or tile materials and doesn’t require any potentially hazardous chemicals, cleaners, or adhesives for installation or daily maintenance. Polished concrete trends will remain strong because this type of flooring will last for decades with minimal care, which places its life cycle over other traditional options like carpeting or wood laminate. If you’re worried about only using environmentally friendly solutions for your home, polished concrete floors are the way to go.

Polished Concrete Offering Easy Maintenance

Once you install a polished concrete floor in any area, you’ll only need to worry about sweeping daily to remove any accumulated dust or mopping when someone accidentally spills liquid. Otherwise, damaging this type of flooring is virtually impossible due to its material properties, so don’t be afraid to use it for heavy foot traffic areas. Manufacturers working with polished concrete floors add that concrete is tough to damage by accident. Scratches, dents, or chips will not negatively affect the look of the concrete floor either since they’re barely noticeable with the polished finish.

How Much Does It Cost To Polish Your Concrete Floor?

The cost of polishing a concrete floor depends mostly on the location and size of your floor, along with your current floor condition to determine the grinding amount. Know the cost of grinding and polishing your floor by completing the form below. 

Why Industrial Facilities Use Epoxy Flooring




Industrial epoxy flooring combines resins and hardeners that form a rigid plastic material from mixing and chemical reactions. The resulting material is a durable, resistant, and strong coating that bonds exceptionally well to a range of base layers. Popular ArmourFlo industrial epoxy floors are high build, self-leveling, clear or pigmented resinous flooring systems engineered for industrial applications where floors are subject to medium to high foot traffic, heavy machinery, forklifts, and rubber wheel carts. 

Typical areas of industrial epoxy use include:

  1. Warehouses
  2. Manufacturing areas
  3. Laboratories & clean rooms
  4. Automobile service areas & garages
  5. Exhibition halls
  6. Medical & educational facilities
  7. Aircraft hangars

Advantages of industrial epoxy floor systems include:

• Ease of maintenance 

• Protects the substrate 

• Aesthetic improvements 

• Increases the strength of the substrate 

• Hard and abrasion resistant 

• VOC free – CA 01350 air quality compliant 

• Stain and chemical resistant 

• Antimicrobial 

• Satin or gloss finish 

• Fast set available for quicker turnaround time 

• Electrostatic dissipative finish is optional

Cost Savings with Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Large-scale business settings like manufacturing plants and warehouses tend to have significant flooring space. However, wear from various types of machinery, spills, personnel and equipment traffic, and frequent use degrade concrete floors.

The direct costs of repairing and replacing your concrete floors significantly impact your company’s bottom line, but not as much as the indirect costs associated with shutting down your operation to tend to deteriorated flooring. One solution for limiting the impact of flooring issues in your plant or warehouse is the installation of industrial epoxy flooring over your concrete slab.

Revitalizing Your Industrial Concrete Floor

You can revitalize your existing concrete into a modern epoxy floor system in hours. A thick epoxy coating application – two millimeters or more – will transform most intact concrete floors into epoxy floors. The epoxy process consists of two coats, epoxy resin, and a polyamine hardener, which will cure following application.

After this, you benefit from the advantages of epoxy.

Commercial and industrial facilities require sustainable flooring, but that flooring should also enhance the aesthetics and function of your building. Compared to a typical warehouse floor, epoxy floor coatings are bright, inviting, and safer. As a result, industrial epoxy flooring increases employee safety and morale. In addition, an upgrade to your industrial facility with epoxy flooring will protect your concrete substrate and extend floor sturdiness over time.

Seamless Industrial Epoxy

Unlike other flooring types, industrial-grade epoxy flooring is smooth. It doesn’t have gaps, grout lines, or seams, so germs and dirt cannot hide. This floor is easier to clean than other flooring types because you can see when it is dirty, and you don’t need many things to clean it.

Since the surface is non-porous, contaminants cannot penetrate. 

Epoxy flooring has a formidable protective barrier that withstands corrosive acids, food spills, and even abrasive cleaning chemicals. As a result, the surface always remains impeccable, even after cleaning it with an acid cleaner. Of course, if the floor is not durable enough, these substances can cause damage to the surface. Nonetheless, that’s not a problem for the robust protective barrier of industrial-grade epoxy flooring.

Industrial Epoxy Installation

ArmourFlo epoxy flooring specialists are expert installers of concrete epoxy floor coatings that are odorless, high-performance, skid-free, and wear-resistant while withstanding heavy loads. An ArmourFlo epoxy floor satisfies all industry requirements set by the USDA and FDA for extra health and safety concerns. Our application of epoxy resin allows the coating to breathe, eliminating blistering, cracking, and peeling, resulting in a long-lasting epoxy floor.

For commercial and industrial flooring, read our industrial flooring guide to learn about the importance of craft, quality, and knowledge in industrial flooring, so you get the right floor to match your needs. Every facility presents unique challenges that call for precise flooring solutions. Many industrial sites, warehouses, and commercial areas use ArmourFlo epoxy floors to maintain clean, productive, and safe conditions for workers, equipment, and inventory. 

How Much Does Industrial Epoxy Flooring Cost?

Your industrial epoxy flooring cost depends mostly on the type of epoxy coating, location, and size of your floor, along with your current floor condition to determine the repair amount. Know your industrial epoxy floor cost by completing the form below. 

Why We Use Elite Crete Commercial and Industrial Flooring Solutions




ArmourFlo Flooring Specialists use Elite Crete’s high-quality flooring products for customized, superior, and long-lasting solutions. Our installers love Elite Crete Systems’ full array of flooring products for seamless floors, performance flooring, floor resurfacing, restoration repair systems, and decorative finishes. 

Elite Crete is a leading manufacturer of specialty concrete flooring and resinous floor coating products, specializing in fluid-applied flooring, decorative concrete surfaces, and concrete surface restoration. Elite Crete’s wide range of engineered flooring products allows ArmourFlo flooring installers to meet or exceed the health, safety, and performance regulations for numerous commercial and industrial enterprises. 

Fire, Rescue & EMS Flooring

Elite Crete’s HERMETIC™ Fire Apparatus Flooring Systems are resinous, fluid-applied floors engineered to improve the durability of fire apparatus bay floors while providing a slip-resistant floor even when wet. In addition, they provide high abrasion and impact resistance while enhancing aesthetics.  

Warehouse Flooring

Elite Crete coating solutions for warehouse flooring offer extreme durability to withstand heavy traffic and industrial machinery. These seamless flooring systems are fluid-applied with minimal downtime and can include line striping, safety markings, and equipment demarcation. In addition, they are highly abrasion-resistant, slip-resistant, and chemical-resistant to corrosives and petrochemicals.

Healthcare Flooring

Healthcare requires flooring engineered for heavy traffic from portable medical equipment, etc., and Elite Crete flooring systems meet this demand. These specialty seamless flooring systems are non-porous, providing an antimicrobial surface. The surface is also resistant to chemical and biological fluids and withstands frequent aggressive cleaning.

Automotive Service Area Flooring

Elite Crete product solutions for automotive service areas achieve ultra-durable floors resistant to impact, heavy abrasion, and chemical and stain resistance to common petrochemicals. ArmourFlo installers use Elite Crete products to bring these benefits together, along with increased slip resistance even when wet. Optional line striping and customization add additional aesthetic appeal and branding.

Grocery & Convenience Store Flooring

Grocery and convenience stores require durable flooring for heavy foot traffic while maintaining an aesthetic appeal. Elite Crete Systems provide ArmourFlo specialists with various options to meet the individual needs of stores while being FDA, USDA, and CFIA acceptable. In addition, they are slip resistant, antimicrobial, and easy to clean and maintain.

Dealership Showroom Flooring

Automotive and marine showrooms typically require a surface with a high aesthetic value that can withstand heavy traffic. ArmourFlo floor installations using Elite Crete’s engineered, high-performance products offer increased durability, are easy to clean and maintain, and are antimicrobial. In addition, ArmourFlo provides a variety of custom colors with the option to incorporate logos to match branding.

Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Elite Crete’s engineered floor coatings installed by ArmourFlo floor experts contribute to a clean commercial kitchen, while adhering to local, state and federal regulations. Protective resinous coatings offer several advantages over traditional flooring, such as conventionally used commercial tile. Our surfaces are slip-resistant, stain-resistant, antimicrobial, and easy to clean and maintain. ArmourFlo can install thermal shock-resistant flooring for areas using forced steam cleaning or boiling water.

Retail and Commercial Flooring

Elite Crete’s solutions for commercial and retail spaces offer endless design options to meet your interior design requirements and durability needs. ArmourFlo installs seamless surfaces that are fluid-applied in place and can be installed with minimal downtime. Flooring systems can match your brand’s color scheme and designed to incorporate your company’s logo. In addition, Elite Crete coatings installed by ArmourFlo professionals can achieve coefficient of friction (COF) to meet or exceed ADA Flat Surfaces, ADA Inclined Surfaces, OSHA and NFPA requirements.

Industrial Flooring

Elite Crete’s engineered flooring solutions are designed for industrial, manufacturing and warehouse facilities. Elite Crete’s protective coatings offer extreme durability to withstand heavy traffic and industrial machinery. Vertical applications are available, including cove base for containment purposes.

Manufacturing Plant Flooring

Elite Crete Systems’ protective coatings offer extreme durability to withstand heavy traffic and industrial machinery. Additionally, the ability of these solutions to withstand chemicals and staining surpasses that of traditional industrial surfaces. Seamless flooring systems are fluid-applied in place and the installation process has a quick turn-around time. This results in less downtime, including during patch-and-repair maintenance. Vertical applications are available, including cove base and wall coatings for containment purposes.

Classroom, Cafeteria & Hallway Flooring

The two most commonly used flooring products specified for educational facilities are cost-effective vinyl (VCT) or expensive terrazzo. Elite Crete seamless resinous flooring systems compete with the lower cost associated with VCT while offering the high-end durability of terrazzo. Elite Crete’s engineered high-performance surfaces meet or exceed ADA Flat Surfaces, ADA Inclined Surfaces while also being USDA, FDA and CFIA acceptable.

Animal Wellness Flooring

Elite Crete flooring products for the animal wellness industry are durable, abrasion-resistant coatings. These antimicrobial surfaces are also chemical and stain-resistant against common cleaners and biological animal waste.

More Custom Solutions Available for Other Industries

Contact ArmourFlo today about installing Elite Crete’s superior high-performance surfaces and flooring in your enterprise. 

ArmourFlo floor installers stand by the results of Elite Crete products so much that we became a distributor and now serve other flooring contractors in the region. If you’re a contractor, contact us to schedule a lunch and learn how you can use Elite Crete coatings in your installations.

How Much Will Your Floor Installation Cost?

Your floor cost depends mostly on the type of concrete coating, location, and size of your floor, along with your current floor condition to determine the repair amount. Know your floor cost by completing the form below.

Why Homeowners Like Polyaspartic Garage Floors




Polyaspartic garage floors can be installed in one day, remain non-yellowing, and more stain and scratch-resistant than traditional epoxy garage flooring.

Polyaspartic flooring includes colored vinyl flakes that brighten up a garage space while making it very easy to clean. As a result, you get a tough concrete coating on your garage floor that protects the underlying cement from moisture, dirt, cracking, and deterioration. Your home value will increase afterward.

Polyaspartic Garage Flooring Installs Fast and Remains Extremely Durable

Installing polyaspartic garage floors offers very fast curing which allows you to walk on your garage floor within 24 hours of completion and park your vehicle on it after 72 hours. 

ArmourFlo garage floor specialists professionally prepare your garage concrete foundation to ensure long-lasting durability. 

  1. First, our garage floor installers repair any cracks, holes, or other concrete flaws that may negatively impact how the coating finishes curing. 
  2. Second, we prime the garage floor before applying any polyaspartic coating, so we can install an even, finished final coat.
  3. Third, ArmourFlo floor installers evenly distribute your chosen decorative colored flakes, so your garage floor is fully covered.
  4. Finally, we apply Elite Crete polyaspartic coatings an hour after the cured primer. Typically, there will be 2-3 coats to get a vibrant pigment from combining the decorative flakes. The entire application process most ofent takes one day.

Beautiful Flake Flooring Color Combinations

You are only limited by your imagination when choosing polyaspartic flake floor colors. Color flake, also known as decorative flake, color chips, vinyl color chips, or fleck improve the aesthetic attributes of your garage flooring system. 

Acrylic and vinyl resins combine with other resin materials, organic minerals, additives, and various pigments to create color flakes used in polyaspartic garage floors. Thin flakes typically appear 4 – 5 mils thick. Color flakes come in random shapes and sizes within a standardized range. The best part of polyaspartic garage flake flooring is that the flakes can be custom blended to reach optimal appearance and texture and match any décor.

Download the ArmourFlo catalog now to see flake color options.

Polyaspartic Garage Flooring Quickly Increases Home Value

After a kitchen or bathroom remodel, new garage flooring can quickly increase your home value. Your garage is a functional space designed to increase efficiency in your home, and a drab gray garage riddled with tire marks, cracks and stains is the initial glimpse most homeowners notice as soon as they return home. 

Polyaspartic garage flake flooring presents a shiny, bright, clean, and safer garage every time you return home. New garage flooring is one of the most economical and aesthetically satisfying strategies to transform your home. Your garage floor takes more daily abuse than any floor in the house, and an easy-to-clean, slip-resistant garage floor means less dirt and moisture tracked into your home from undesirable outside weather conditions. 

A Professional Looking Easy to Clean Floor

Homeowners love the “clean” look of polyaspartic garage flake flooring and its long-term visual appeal. It looks so good that it often becomes an extension of their indoor space in the form of a workshop, recreation area, or laundry area. In addition, it’s non-yellowing when exposed to the sun, which allows flake colors to remain vibrant for decades. Your custom polyaspartic floor can be customized with added traction and stay looking new as it is seamless and protects against flooding and impact.

Makes Your Garage a Pleasant Sight

Many homeowners wonder why they lived so long with a dull, hard-to-clean, often dirty, and damaged garage floor when they could have arrived home to a clean and colorful one that cheers them up as they enter their house. You will appreciate your new polyaspartic garage floor even more because it offers more significant long-term savings than most flooring options due to its low maintenance and resilience.

How Much Will Your Polyaspartic Garage Floor Cost?

Your polyaspartic garage floor cost depends mostly on the type of concrete coating, location, and size of your floor, along with your current floor condition to determine the repair amount. Know your garage floor cost by completing the form below.