A Basement Epoxy Floor for Better Living




A water-resilient, anti-bacterial basement epoxy floor prevents and protects your basement and contributes to making it a brighter, better living place that is easy to clean and improves wellness. Basements are notorious for being cold, damp, dark, and prone to flooding. These conditions lead to mold, bacteria, health hazards, and potentially significant property damage that can be costly.

You can install different types of epoxy floors, and they all meet the highest health and safety requirements, remain easy to clean, and will last a lifetime. ArmourFlo Flooring in Louisville will install a custom basement epoxy floor according to your specifications. As a specialized floor contractor in Louisville, we help you select a custom floor according to:

Other flooring types, such as vinyl tile, ceramic tile, and carpet, fall short compared to basement epoxy floors. Tile and carpet deteriorate with time, and house mold, mildew, and bacteria, which are difficult to clean. Our customers often request that we remove old tile and carpet from properties and install epoxy flooring because it is resilient, looks fantastic, and provides a seamless surface that water and bacteria cannot penetrate. 

There are three main types of epoxy flooring. 

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic epoxy can increase the design opportunity of your basement area because it is handcrafted and specially customized to create finishes that mimic the appearance of clouds, waves, lava, and marble. A metallic epoxy coating is beautiful and not very common as it requires professional expertise. However, your guests will be impressed. Installation time depends on the space size, but generally, installation takes 3-5 days, and the cost per square foot for professional installation is $7-12. Learn more about metallic epoxy.

Flake Epoxy

In flake epoxy floors, colored vinyl chips are blended with epoxy, creating a random, cheery design. Customers choose their flake colors to achieve the look they want. ArmourFlo specialists install epoxy flake flooring in one day, which our customers enjoy, and the cost per square foot is $6-8. Flake flooring is also an ideal choice for pet owners as the texture can be customized, and it is incredibly hygienic. We have installed many epoxy flake floors for animal shelters and hospitals. 

Solid Color Epoxy

ArmourFlo solid color epoxy flooring offers superior performance and durability versus epoxy coating kits found in retail stores. Our professional-grade materials and installation (1-2 days) assure your floor will last decades with minimal long-term maintenance. The result is a very cost-saving floor in the long run, as the installation cost averages $5 per square foot, and it only requires refinishing the topcoat, which can last ten years. 

Cleaning Your Basement Epoxy Floor is Easy

One of the top features of epoxy floor systems is the simplistic and almost carefree maintenance they offer. Basement epoxy is easier to maintain than traditional flooring. First, remove dirt and debris from the epoxy’s surface with a soft bristle broom or a dust mop. After sweeping or dust mopping the epoxy floor, use a wet mop with a PH neutral cleaner. That’s it! 

Use Gentle Cleaners on Your Epoxy Flooring

ArmourFlo Guarantee

Many customers call us to redo their concrete floor coating because the previous contractor or the customer did not install it the first time correctly. ArmourFlo specialists correctly repair and prepare your concrete slab before installing our highest-quality epoxy. A basement epoxy floor by ArmourFlo comes with two guarantees:

  1. We guarantee you will be satisfied with your installation.
  2. Your floor comes with a lifetime guarantee where we will fix any unexpected cracks or issues at no charge. 

If you are a determined DIYer and want to install your floor yourself, contact us for our superior, professional-grade materials that you will not find at a big box or retail store. AmourFlo’s industry-leading materials and guidance will help you install a floor that lasts a lifetime with simple maintenance. Call us today, and we will walk you through the process of everything you need to purchase and do to install a beautiful custom floor.