How to Best Maintain Your Epoxy Garage Floor




Sweep Your Epoxy Floor

You can easily sweep any debris or dirt up on a daily basis to maintain your epoxy garage floor. Epoxy garage flooring is seamless, so it doesn’t trap dirt like tile with grout. Microfiber or regular dust mops work efficiently for small particles, while a broom with a soft bristle works well for larger dirt particles, sand, or wood shavings. Effortless daily sweeping will keep your epoxy garage floor looking fabulous.

Show Your Epoxy Floor’s Shine

Epoxy garage flooring has excellent reflective qualities. When dust and dirt accrues on the surface, the floor’s reflection can dull. Add 1/3 mild soap in a bucket of water and mop the entire floor to bring your epoxy floor’s shine back. Remember to mop and dry as sitting soapy water can create a hazy film.

Remove Any Epoxy Floor Stains Immediately

Removing noticable and stubborn stains immediately with a mixture of ammonia and water (4 to 5 ounces per gallon of water). Stains left unattended can deteriorate your floor’s coating, depending on the acidity and harshness of what caused the stain.

Minor Spills On Epoxy Flooring Are Easy To Clean

One of the most redeeming qualities of epoxy flooring is its resiliency, and minor spills are very easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe a spill away like you’re in a paper towel commercial. Of course, use a clean paper towel or cloth. If the spill will cause you to use an entire roll, then use the same method as you would for stain removals. 

Get Rid Of Chemical Spills ASAP

Custom epoxy garage floor coatings are resistant to chemicals and spills, but chemicals can still be hazardous to your floor and health if left unattended. You can best maintain your epoxy garage floor by cleaning up harsh chemicals or solvents promptly to avoid lengthy contact with your floor’s coating and reduce any exposure to inhalation or skin. After all, epoxy floors have superior hygienic benefits, and quickly cleaning your floor maintains its durability and antimicrobial benefits.

Use Appropriate Epoxy Garage Floor Cleaners

Floor cleaners significantly affect how well your epoxy floor will last and retain its shine. Let’s review the dos and don’ts when purchasing and using epoxy floor cleaning products. 

The Dos When Cleaning Epoxy Floors

  1. Microfiber cloths do an excellent job for frequent cleaning, and so do microfiber mops. Microfiber mops are a fantastic cleaning tool for epoxy floors. These mops allow you to reduce your cleaning time while not sacrificing your cleaning quality. Also, microfiber mop technology reduces chemical and water use while eliminating any wringing which occurs with standard, heavy mops.
  2. The best cleaning solution that works for epoxy garage floor coating is ammonia. Use ½ cup per gallon of water and apply using a microfiber mop. Remember to rinse it frequently between cleans to prevent the transfer of debris. You can also use Windex glass cleaner.
  3. If you have a cleaning disaster on your hands, try deep cleaners like Simple Green that will clear away grease and other similar chemicals.

The Don’ts When Cleaning Epoxy Floors

  1. Avoid using an acid-based cleaner like citrus, vinegar, etc., as it can take away the shine of the epoxy floor.
  2. Avoid using any cleaning products that contain micro-abrasives such as Barkeeper’s Friend because they can quickly ruin the epoxy surface. 
  3. You can use pads and mats wherever appropriate to reduce the pressure on the epoxy floor coating if your floor is not customized for additional high impact and heavy load resilience. Despite being a sturdy material doing little things like this can help it last longer.

Our customers love their epoxy garage floor coatings as they provide easy cleaning and maintenance. By quickly dealing with spills and regularly dusting and mopping, you will effectively maintain your epoxy garage floor, and your floor will last decades. Prevent dirt, grime, and germs with simple, daily cleaning, and your floor will stay bright, hygienic, and eye-catching.  

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How Much Does An Epoxy Floor Cost?

The cost of an epoxy floor depends mostly on the location and size of your floor, along with your current floor condition and type of floor coating. Know your cost by completing the form below.