Louisville Decorative Flooring

Decorative Flooring For A Stylish, Long-Lasting Look 

Save Up To $1500

ArmourFlo floor installers offer Louisville decorative flooring customized to any aesthetic style and performance requirements. This unique twist on traditional concrete flooring allows for eye-catching designs, colors and textures to be added to the mix. You have an endless combination of decorative powders, sheen, chips, and colored sands to achieve an infinite array of color schemes, patterns, slip-resistant textures, light-reflectivity, and pet-friendliness. From new homes that need an attractive and durable concrete driveway, to a commercial lobby remodeled for a contemporary look, ArmourFlo flooring specialists will craft a non-slip, weather-resistant, uniquely designed floor that satisfies your maintenance needs, adds value, and gives your residence or commercial space extra style.

For example, a metallic epoxy floor system is a unique combination of different epoxy colors swirled together during application and sprayed with alcohol to give your floor a unique, shiny, 3D look. We create this decorative floor look by using pearlescent, light-reflective aggregate blends, which consist of nanoparticles that have been coated with organic or inorganic pigments to produce an iridescent appearance. We work with you one on one to develop the design, and we guarantee your floor will not be dull anymore!

Concrete Floor Coatings A Top Flooring Trend

It makes sense that decorative concrete floors are one of the top flooring trends in 2021. We have a heightened awareness to fight viruses and bacteria, and concrete coatings provide an easy-to-clean surface and an excellent option to create a more hygienic household. According to the popular blog, Apartment Therapy, “Consider 2021 concrete’s long-awaited reckoning. Thanks to nuanced applications, upgraded materials, and adventurous designers, concrete flooring is something you may actually be considering adding to your home six months from now.”

Apartment Therapy doesn’t stop there. It quotes Designer Max Humphrey, author of the forthcoming book “Modern Americana,” who thinks so, too. “Since the start of the pandemic, I’ve gotten weekly emails from potential clients that want to remodel their basement to be a more usable space like a home office,” explains Humphrey. “Many basements already have concrete flooring and instead of spending the money to add wood floors, tile, or carpet, I’ve leaned into the material and had it cleaned up and polished.

Certified Flooring Specialists

ArmourFlo certified flooring experts offer the highest level of service. We have knowledgeable epoxy floor and concrete coating specialists with substantial expertise in all of the required steps to produce a custom flooring solution for you. We have experience with all types of epoxy floor and concrete coating projects. We are trained to apply the latest industry information, use advanced machinery, and be available at a moment’s notice. You can be assured we maintain a tidy work area, clean up properly, and protect your non-floor areas.

ArmourFlo professional floor installers create custom coatings for Louisville homeowners, contractors, builders, and business owners. Our proprietary coatings and custom services include Metallic Epoxy, Polished Concrete, Stained Concrete, Epoxy Flooring, Surface Prep and Restoration, Concrete Resurfacing, Grind and Seal Floors, and more.