Pool Deck Resurfacing




If your residential property has a pool, a professional pool deck resurfacing will maintain your pool deck and poolside structures for many years. 

However, preventing damages like chips, flakes, and cracks may prove challenging for a property owner without a concrete pool deck coating.

Fortunately, ArmourFlo installers provide Louisville, KY residents with industry-leading concrete epoxy coatings. Our pool deck coating solutions offer ideal protection for other residential concrete surfaces, including basement floors, garages, driveways, and patios.

Common Causes of Chips, Flakes, and Cracks in Pool Decks

If you’re experiencing unexpected damage to your concrete pool deck, you may need clarification about its source. In most cases, chipping, flaking, and cracks on pool decks form over time, making it challenging to address any causes until it’s too late and the damage becomes visible. 

Read on to learn about the potential causes of pool deck damage which professionally installed ArmourFlo concrete coatings prevent. 

Improper Pool Deck Protection

Sometimes, homeowners need pool deck resurfacing because they did not seal or coat their concrete surfaces correctly. As a result, weather, chemicals, and other harmful elements deteriorate and damage concrete surfaces. Also, installing concrete coatings too soon after a new concrete pool deck is poured or resurfaced can lead to future damage. As a result, moisture gets trapped inside the concrete and causes warping, cracking, or crumbling long after protective topcoats have been applied.

Temperature Change Affects Pool Deck Coatings

Extreme or frequent fluctuations in temperature can lead to crumbling, flaking, and cracking in concrete. In addition, thermal expansion caused by high temperatures leads to concrete swelling from within. This can lead to warping and bowing throughout the pool deck’s surface. Excessive cold has a similar but opposite effect. Cold leads to drying, which may more likely crack than warping concrete. Extreme cold can also sometimes lead to freezing concrete, which may have a swelling effect.

Ground Movement

With some properties, foundations continue to settle for some time after construction. This, earthquakes and other natural events can lead to ground movement. When this movement occurs after property owners install concrete pool decks, it will contribute to flaking, chipping, and cracking.

Salt Damage

Next, salt damage can lead to crumbling, flaking, and chipping of a concrete pool deck’s surface. Most often, salt damage occurs when property owners use de-icing salt to prevent freezing conditions on their pool decks during winter. Over time, alkaline chemicals released as the salt breaks down have a corrosive effect on the concrete.

Improper Handling Of Poolside Accessories or Furniture

Another prevalent cause of pool deck damage involves improper furniture and accessories handling. Grills, poolside furniture, and other large objects can chip or crack your concrete pool deck if dropped or improperly mounted. One thing most concrete pool deck damages have in common involves the methods used to repair them.

ArmourFlo Repairs Concrete Pool Decks

Some damages to concrete pool decks require extensive concrete repairs. Property owners must rely on professional concrete pouring services to replace or resurface their pool decks when cracks or warping become too severe.

However, ArmourFlo provides cost-effective and durable epoxy and polyurea repair options for chips, flakes, and minor cracks. For this type of deck repair, our coating experts fill in cracked areas, and level out chipped and flaked portions of your pool deck. After these patches have cured, our team resurfaces your entire pool deck with a long-lasting, slip-resistant concrete pool deck coating. As a benefit, this type of resurfacing is often more affordable per square foot than resurfacing your pool with concrete.

Preventing Concrete Pool Deck Damages

As a pool owner, preventative measures are the best way to get the most mileage out of your concrete pool deck. Epoxy and polyurea pool deck coatings help protect these surfaces from heavy furniture and accessories, temperature changes, moisture, and more. Take action before chips, flakes, or cracks appear to save time, money, and frustration down the road.

Contact us to learn more about what concrete coatings can do for your property’s pool features.