The Best Uses For Finished Concrete Flooring




There are many advantages to installing finished concrete flooring, especially for particular uses.

Decorative Concrete Flooring

With decorative concrete, you can have any design you like, including concrete flooring that looks like tile, brick, natural stone, and wood plank through the magic of stained, stamped, and resurfaced concrete. Our concrete floor coating installers will make your idea a reality compared to the limited styles and colors available in big box stores. In addition, you can have floors created onsite without prefab materials that generate realistic looks along with your desired custom colors and finishes.

Metallic Flooring

We install metallic flooring using one or more colored metallic epoxies or powders to create different designs and patterns. We seal the metallic coating between durable and long-lasting epoxy layers, and you can choose matte, satin, or high gloss finishes as the topcoat. 

As finished concrete flooring, metallic epoxy is resilient and resistant. Our epoxy floor installers professionally install our high-performance metallic epoxy so that it doesn’t crack, warp or wrinkle and can be slip-resistant. A metallic epoxy finish is 100% custom and offers an impressive, sleek, modern appearance.

Basement Epoxy Flooring

A basement epoxy floor highlights the benefits that come with epoxy flooring. A basement epoxy floor is seamless and water-resistant, so every spring and fall, when heavy rains occur, you don’t have to worry about floor damage from moisture seeping up through uncoated concrete. Epoxy basement flooring also withstands heavy weight and foot traffic and stays easy to clean while making your basement brighter with a high-gloss finish.

Garage Epoxy Flooring

Customizable garage epoxy flooring is a waterproof floor solution that can resist slipping, heavy impact, harsh chemicals, extreme temperature fluctuations, and frequent tire traffic. Flake garage epoxy can be installed in one day with a custom color combination and fully cures within 3-5 days for auto traffic. In addition, moisture will not leak through the seamless surface. Finally, unlike grout that can attract grime and deteriorate, a seamless epoxy garage floor will stay intact and protect your concrete foundation.

Epoxy Flooring for Commercial and Industrial Kitchen

Epoxy flooring for a commercial or industrial kitchen meets the most demanding restaurant flooring requirements. An ArmourFlo epoxy floor install assures your employees are operating in an environment that boasts sanitary flooring with antimicrobial properties designed to combat bacteria and prevent odor while staying resilient to impact, cleaners, and temperature fluctuations. In addition, a seamless epoxy floor for a commercial or industrial kitchen will be long-lasting and save your employees time cleaning.

Restaurant Flooring Requirements

Epoxy flooring meets or exceeds the most rigorous restaurant flooring requirements set by OSHAUSDA, and FDA. The most critical aspect of flooring for food and beverage companies is that the floor cannot be inhabitable for contamination or harmful microscopic life. Therefore, an impermeable coating such as epoxy is required to bring uncoated concrete floors to code for food and beverage manufacturing. 

A restaurant floor also needs to be seamless, safe, and resistant. Epoxy and urethane cement coatings meet these requirements. They prevent cracks or seams, even microscopic, which can become breeding grounds for bacteria, mold, or other contaminants. In addition, they are slip-resistance, which is critical for your workers’ safety and keeping productivity high. Finally, they are resistant to any chemicals that spill over from processing, which includes acids and other solvents.

Industrial Floor Polishing

Industrial floors experience a great deal of wear and tear, and industrial epoxy flooring or polished concrete resists scratches and has a more complex surface than traditional concrete, which will keep your floor looking great for many years. In addition, epoxy floor coatings and polished concrete offer a low-cost option for businesses that do not want to compromise on quality. With their low, long-term costs and minimal maintenance, these floors last longer and need replacing less than other flooring options. Finally, an industrial epoxy floor installation or polished concrete floor will resist chemicals and compounds from spills and accidents that commonly occur during industrial operations.

Employee morale and efficiency are more important than ever, and epoxy flooring or polished concrete flooring provides safe and pleasant environments in which to work. In addition, epoxy coatings can be custom colors and coordinated to designate particular areas for extra safety and productivity within a business or industrial setting. Polished concrete also comes in many shades, sheens, and nuances to enhance the natural look of concrete. 

How Much Does It Cost For Finished Concrete Flooring?

Your epoxy flooring, concrete polishing, or urethane cement flooring cost depends mainly on the type of coating, location, and size of your floor, along with your current floor condition to determine the repair amount. Know your finished concrete flooring cost by completing the form below.