Winston-Salem Urethane Flooring

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Eliminate Bacteria With Resilient Urethane Cement Flooring in Winston-Salem

ArmourFlo flooring specialists provide Winston-Salem urethane flooring that turns a commercial kitchen floor into a state of the art surface for health and safety. ArmourFlo seamless hygienic urethane cement floors install quickly over bacteria ridden quarry tile, VCT, and cement. Food and beverage flooring takes on daily punishment from heat, grease, and constant washing with high-temperature water and chemicals. When hot oils spill or metal pots and pans hit the floor, they weaken the flooring surface and create chips or cracks where bacteria can live and breed, especially in weak quarry tile with old moldy grout lines. ArmourFlo flooring surfaces are anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, nonporous, and seamless to prevent leaks and eliminate standing water. Plus, ArmourFlo offers ongoing quality control of the floor coating that we install. If we find a chip or a crack in the floor we will quickly repair it saving costly shutdown of the kitchen.

Urethane Cement Floors Meet And Exceed The Highest Safety Standards in Winston-Salem

Commercial Kitchens are heavily regulated by the USDA and held to the highest standards of cleanliness. Whether you are remodeling an existing commercial kitchen or building out a new one, you need to consider several factors that will save you precious time and money from shutdowns down the road.  

USDA inspectors hate to see grout lines, cracks and any separation between the floor and the substrate where food particles will land. Microbials can develop in these areas to create mold, terrible odors, and contaminants. Once the bacteria begin to breed, it is impossible to get rid of them without using dangerous chemicals.

ArmourFlo flooring installers offer Winston-Salem urethane flooring with flash coving and proper slope that bonds deep into the substrate below by seeping into the pores of the cement to create a mechanical bond that will last the life of the kitchen. It is is designed and applied to withstand chemical and thermal attacks. Urethane flooring offers resistance, durability, versatility and strength, holding up against strong acid and caustic cleaners without being damaged. It is also seamless throughout the entire commercial kitchen floor, so there are no grout lines for bacteria to breed. ArmourFlo food and beverage flooring includes flash coving 4 to 8 inches up the wall, which creates a bathtub effect and protects the rest of the space in the building from potential floods and water damage. Finally, ArmourFlo specialists assure you have the proper slope built in the floor to the drains. Proper floor slope is critical to remove any standing water in the kitchen, which can splash clean surfaces and contaminate food. Our urethane flooring complies with all industrial standards and regulations.

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