Springtime Is Best Time For New Garage Flooring




As a homeowner, you deserve new garage flooring that is easy to maintain, and Springtime is the best time to install it. The floor in your garage contends with a significant amount of dirt in Fall and Winter, while Summer presents high heat and humidity. Most homeowners use their garages more in Spring and Summer too. An epoxy garage floor installation in Spring increases your garage’s safety and ease of maintenance, preparing you for expanded use.

An epoxy or polyaspartic garage floor coating protects your floors against structural damage, fading, stains, and an unsafe surface for your guests or family. In addition, your garage floor shouldn’t look worn out, dirty, cracked, or chipped. Custom epoxy or polyaspartic flooring is the best option for your floor’s health and longevity. 

Ideal Temperature For Installing New Garage Flooring

There is a sweet spot when considering the temperature for an epoxy or polyaspartic floor installation. Usually, the best temperature for installing a garage floor is between 50 and 80 degrees. However, garage floor coatings often require specific temperature and humidity ranges for proper curing and adhesion. Spring weather tends to be mild and less humid, making it easier to maintain ideal conditions for the coating to cure properly.

More Time For Proper Installation

Garage floor coatings will cure or harden quicker due to heat, and higher temps present more time restrictions and pressure installation time. Milder temperatures in Spring allow our installers more scheduling flexibility in preparation and installation.

Spring is a great time to install new garage flooring because it falls between the winter months, which can be harsh and damaging to concrete floors, and the summer months, which can be hot and humid. Installing garage flooring in the Spring can help protect the concrete from any residual winter damage and prepare it for the upcoming summer months.

Springtime Offers A Break Between High Seasonal Use

Many people use their garages more frequently during late spring and summer months for activities such as car maintenance, outdoor equipment storage, and home improvement projects. Installing new garage flooring in the Spring can help create a clean, safe, and functional space for these activities.

New Garage Flooring For Home Improvement Projects

Speaking of home improvement projects, Spring is often considered the start of home improvement season. Homeowners often receive a tax return in early Spring which they invest in their home. An epoxy or polyaspartic garage floor installation upgrades and adds value to their home. New garage flooring presents additional space to a house that homeowners can use to tackle more projects and increase property value.

An epoxy garage floor coating can provide a protective layer that resists impact, moisture, stains, and chemicals. New epoxy garage flooring can be especially useful in the Springtime when there tends to be more rainfall and muddy conditions. The coating can help to prevent water and other liquids from penetrating the concrete surface and causing damage. Epoxy or polyaspartic flooring also increases floor safety and stays easy to clean.

Better Temperatures And Humidity For Installation Materials 

Leaving materials to sit at high temperatures can make epoxy start to cure and harden, making the installation much more challenging and potentially hurting the quality of the finished product. Instead, Springtime offers cooler temperatures and the convenience of storing materials outside at installation sites without the epoxy hardening too fast. In addition, moderate temperatures can help the epoxy to adhere to the concrete surface, while low humidity levels can prevent moisture from affecting the adhesion of the coating.

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Why Homeowners Like Polyaspartic Garage Floors




Polyaspartic garage floors can be installed in one day, remain non-yellowing, and more stain and scratch-resistant than traditional epoxy garage flooring.

Polyaspartic flooring includes colored vinyl flakes that brighten up a garage space while making it very easy to clean. As a result, you get a tough concrete coating on your garage floor that protects the underlying cement from moisture, dirt, cracking, and deterioration. Your home value will increase afterward.

Polyaspartic Garage Flooring Installs Fast and Remains Extremely Durable

Installing polyaspartic garage floors offers very fast curing which allows you to walk on your garage floor within 24 hours of completion and park your vehicle on it after 72 hours. 

ArmourFlo garage floor specialists professionally prepare your garage concrete foundation to ensure long-lasting durability. 

  1. First, our garage floor installers repair any cracks, holes, or other concrete flaws that may negatively impact how the coating finishes curing. 
  2. Second, we prime the garage floor before applying any polyaspartic coating, so we can install an even, finished final coat.
  3. Third, ArmourFlo floor installers evenly distribute your chosen decorative colored flakes, so your garage floor is fully covered.
  4. Finally, we apply Elite Crete polyaspartic coatings an hour after the cured primer. Typically, there will be 2-3 coats to get a vibrant pigment from combining the decorative flakes. The entire application process most ofent takes one day.

Beautiful Flake Flooring Color Combinations

You are only limited by your imagination when choosing polyaspartic flake floor colors. Color flake, also known as decorative flake, color chips, vinyl color chips, or fleck improve the aesthetic attributes of your garage flooring system. 

Acrylic and vinyl resins combine with other resin materials, organic minerals, additives, and various pigments to create color flakes used in polyaspartic garage floors. Thin flakes typically appear 4 – 5 mils thick. Color flakes come in random shapes and sizes within a standardized range. The best part of polyaspartic garage flake flooring is that the flakes can be custom blended to reach optimal appearance and texture and match any décor.

Download the ArmourFlo catalog now to see flake color options.

Polyaspartic Garage Flooring Quickly Increases Home Value

After a kitchen or bathroom remodel, new garage flooring can quickly increase your home value. Your garage is a functional space designed to increase efficiency in your home, and a drab gray garage riddled with tire marks, cracks and stains is the initial glimpse most homeowners notice as soon as they return home. 

Polyaspartic garage flake flooring presents a shiny, bright, clean, and safer garage every time you return home. New garage flooring is one of the most economical and aesthetically satisfying strategies to transform your home. Your garage floor takes more daily abuse than any floor in the house, and an easy-to-clean, slip-resistant garage floor means less dirt and moisture tracked into your home from undesirable outside weather conditions. 

A Professional Looking Easy to Clean Floor

Homeowners love the “clean” look of polyaspartic garage flake flooring and its long-term visual appeal. It looks so good that it often becomes an extension of their indoor space in the form of a workshop, recreation area, or laundry area. In addition, it’s non-yellowing when exposed to the sun, which allows flake colors to remain vibrant for decades. Your custom polyaspartic floor can be customized with added traction and stay looking new as it is seamless and protects against flooding and impact.

Makes Your Garage a Pleasant Sight

Many homeowners wonder why they lived so long with a dull, hard-to-clean, often dirty, and damaged garage floor when they could have arrived home to a clean and colorful one that cheers them up as they enter their house. You will appreciate your new polyaspartic garage floor even more because it offers more significant long-term savings than most flooring options due to its low maintenance and resilience.

How Much Will Your Polyaspartic Garage Floor Cost?

Your polyaspartic garage floor cost depends mostly on the type of concrete coating, location, and size of your floor, along with your current floor condition to determine the repair amount. Know your garage floor cost by completing the form below.