The Best Commercial Kitchen Flooring




Commercial Kitchen Flooring Solutions That Last

Commercial kitchen flooring takes a daily beating from spills, impacts, heavy loads, and harsh chemicals. In addition, porous flooring, such as grout and tile flooring, can allow liquids to seep through to the substrate, which causes damage and is a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Seamless commercial kitchen flooring such as ArmourFlo epoxy or urethane cement flooring eliminates the opportunity for bacteria, mold, and mildew to grow while staying incredibly durable and easy to sanitize.

ArmourFlo has installed many commercial kitchen floors for restaurants and other facilities that must adhere to strict USDA, OSHA and FDA guidelines. As a result, our flooring is a go-to choice for meeting the highest health and safety standards and saves companies money due to minimal maintenance needed in the long term. ArmourFlo flooring is ideal for food and beverage areas such as:

Here’s Why businesses choose ArmourFlo commercial kitchen flooring:

  1. Certified ArmourFlo flooring specialists use industry-leading commercial flooring materials. Our experts have the experience and knowledge to correctly use the best materials for installing kitchen flooring.
  2. ArmourFlo floor experts in Louisville ensure you maintain a sanitary, hygienic kitchen environment for your business and industry. Now, more than ever, restaurants and food processing environments have to achieve the highest levels of safety and wellness. Flooring includes proper slope and coving to be easily cleaned and quickly sanitized with minimal interference or downtime. 
  3. Louisville foodservice businesses know that food preparation and processing exposes their kitchen flooring to thorough washing, hot spills, and harsh cleaners. Our epoxy and urethane cement floors can withstand heat up to 200 degrees F., making them the best choice for maximum thermal shock resistance.
  4. Harsh chemical cleaners and degreasers will not affect the excellent chemical resistance of ArmourFlo floors. Our protective coatings last years and can be conveniently reapplied when necessary to keep your commercial kitchen floor in top condition.
  5. Slip-resistance, a top safety concern for our commercial customers, keeps employees safe. Choices include light to aggressive texture, customized according to each business’s needs. Waitstaff, cooks, and other employees can move quickly in and out of the kitchen, while the seamless surface allows for easy sanitizing.
  6. ArmourFlo commercial kitchen floors in Louisville provide heavy-duty durability to withstand heavy foot traffic, abuse from dollies, carts, equipment, hot oil exposure, and spills. Our epoxy and urethane cement flooring offers superior impact and abrasion resistance.
  7. Low Odor Application of epoxy and urethane cement flooring avoids strong solvent odors creating issues for customers and staff in operational areas. ArmourFlo flooring provides low odor and quick application solutions.
  8. ArmourFlo floors are a custom, attractive solution. A restaurant floor needs to be visually appealing as well, and our custom solutions offer a variety of colors and blends to create a more aesthetically appealing commercial kitchen floor.
  9. ArmourFlo epoxy and urethane cement floors provide exceptional moisture resistance. In commercial kitchens, moisture comes from sources within the kitchen itself and moisture vapor transmission from the concrete below. 
  10. ArmourFlo specialists install the correct floor sloping and water drainage for commercial kitchens. Trowel applied Water Based Cement Urethane Mortar formulations are available for use when there is a need to pitch the kitchen floor toward a drain. Sloped flooring can help prevent pooling water and allow easier cleaning in commercial kitchen areas.
  11. Easy repair with zero to minimal shutdown time. Quick repairs are sometimes necessary on restaurant and commercial kitchen floors, which can be conveniently installed without disrupting operations.
  12. ArmourFlo urethane cement systems can be installed in wet and cold environments. Due to the lack of temperature restrictions for urethane cement, we provide this flooring for walk-in coolers and freezers with zero to minimal inconvenience to your operations.

Are you looking to install a commercial kitchen floor? Contact ArmourFlo today to discuss your needs and schedule an in-person quote.